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At the end of the day, The Great Bucket List Challenge is about stories. Sharing your story, adding to it, and inspiring, challenging, and supporting others while they do the same.

She inspired us to create The Great Bucket Challenge List!

Thumbnail - Jonathan
"Little efforts every day, make for big accomplishments
over time"

Jonathan has decided to run every street in his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie by the end of 2021!

jonathan's Story
"I think raising funds for arch will give a real purpose to my walk"

He began the walk 4 years ago for both the physical challenge and spiritual growth. 

James' Story
"it's time for me to do what I've been encouraging people to do for years"

Lee has decided to finally do something for herself all while giving back to the place she works.

lee's Story
"Hospice is a warm, comforting place to be"

For her 60th birthday, Michelle decided to try something she'd never done before.

michelle's Story
"Anything is possible"

Julie wants to inspire others to be their best selves. She is challenging herself and anyone who's interested to cycle 100km around St. Joseph Island. 

Julie's Story
"Live for the journey, not the destination"

Mel and her family are RVing 10,000 km across Canada to make memories and live their best life!

mel's Story
"You are only waiting for this moment to be free."

Terri wants to remember and honour her late brother Michael in a special way - learn to paddle board and meditate on the water.

Terri Vallaincourt
"If you fail, it will only make you stronger"

After losing his life partner, Greg wanted to celebrate his journey in healing by publishing a book of inspired poetry.

Greg Saxby
"Live in joy"

Only ever having run a marathon before, Theresa wants to push her mind and body to the limit to see what it can do!

Theresa Mudge
"Dance like no one's watching"

Kim wants to overcome one of her biggest fears but also deepest loves - horses! She believes each day is a gift so to leave nothing undone.

Kim Moureau
"...There goes my hero ...he's ordinary"

Ang is completing a life-long goal - learning how to play the drums. But she's taking it one step further and wants to learn "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters and play to a live audience in June of 2018!

Angela Caputo
"Seize the day or die regretting the time you've lost"

For herself, her family, an in memory of loved ones lost, Cheryl has started running - support her as she commits to running a 9K race in Mackinac Island!

Cheryl Schultz
"In honour of my brother Terry"

In memory and in honour of her brother Terry, Christine will be support Hospice and skydiving! 

Christine Cain
"Live today like there's no tomorrow"

Cathy is taking on three bucket list items to support ARCH: do a 5K run, attend an opera, and spread her uncle's ashes in Florida!

Cathy Netherton
"be change you want to see in the world"

In honour of her beloved Allan Toivonen, Sally has refilled her life, her heart and her home with music and theatre.

Sally Toivonen
"Trust me"

In memory and in honour of his father, Johannes is living to the fullest by commencing on an adventure to Iceland! 

Johannes Toivonen
"the memory of him remains bright and highlights what is most important - his spirit and great love of life"

In 2015, Tianna decided to check off a bucket list item. She was inspired by the life and memory of her uncle, Rob “Super Hank” Hankinson, to bravely do something she had never done before: run a marathon. To commemorate the experience, she chose to race in Las Vegas and share her story to raise funds for ARCH, where her uncle had spent his end-of-life journey. Not only did she honour his memory when training and completing her bucket list item, but she was able to exceed her goal, raising $4,000 for ARCH! Tianna’s powerful story inspired us to create The Great Bucket List Challenge.

tianna rutland